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Practical lesson with the students in greenhouse  №1,2  
LLP«AGRO GROUP HOLDING» students intership 
Practising in an apple intensitive garden in «Kaynar bulak» 
The 4th cours students undergraduate practice in LLP "KAZAGRONOM"
Autumn students's intership in LLP «Agro group holding» 
In 2019-2020 academic year on the specialty "Agronomy" 5В080100 students 2,3,4 courses in the amount of 300 people passed professional practice in the experimental and experimental site "Kaynar-Bulak" SKU named after M. Auezov. Students of 1,2,3,4 courses took part in the laying of an intensive apple orchard in the course of professional practice: represented by the following varieties: Golden Delicious, Aidaret, Scarlet, Red Fish, they planted 700 different fruit trees, cherries "Adeline", peach "Alberto", apricot "Shalokh", plum "Renclore", cherry "Kiev beauty", pears "Lepotica", walnut "Georgievka", and also a plantation of vineyards (including 35 different varieties) was laid, the students were planted various represent and vegetable crops (tomato, cucumber, eggplant, pepper, onion, dill, potatoes), melons (Dutch and various hybrids American selection), leguminous plants. Passing the training and production practice, students independently laid down the experiments of future course and diploma theses, while mastering the technology of growing vegetables and fruit crops in the open ground with the use of effective technologies with the use of mineral fertilizers, water recharge irrigation, pest and disease control measures, the newest bio-stimulators to obtain high yields.
In 2020-2021 academic year, the department "Plant growing and animal huzbandry" concluded contracts with the SSPK with perspective innovative enterprises LLP "KAZAGRONOM" - director Omasheva Sh. I. ,LLP "SMG GREEN HOUSE PROFIT", LLP "MART", "Nazarbaev intelectureal school", SPK "ERNUR AYDAR", LLP "Agro Group Holding" of the AIC of the south of Kazakhstan. On the pilot experimental site "Kaynar-Bulak" SKU named after M.Auezov, educational and industrial laboratories of greenhouses №1,2 -9 of the university building will be increased the number of experiments and experiments by the faculty for the production of new varieties of agricultural plants, with the passage of professional practice they will learn the laws of farming and crop production, classify soils, master the practice of assessing the fertility of soils and reproducing it, the modern progressive technology of cultivating agricultural the main types of agricultural crops, their biological, varietal and economic characteristics, the requirements for environmental conditions, the influence of agro technical techniques on physical, chemical, technological and other soil properties, methods of increasing cropping culture, crop yields, seed production and the selection of agricultural cultures, which will improve the quality of students' professional practice of students.


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