History of the department

Department of "Water Resources, Land Management and Agrotechnics"


The department "Water Resources and Land Management" was founded in 2007 as part of the Agro-Industrial Faculty. In the 2011-2012 academic year, the department was divided into two departments "Water resources and water use" and "Land management, cadastre and agricultural machinery".

The head of the Department "Water Resources and Water Use" was Doctor of technical science, Nauryzbaev A. M. (2007-2012), and the head of the department "Cadastre, land management and agricultural machinery" was Ph.D. Aldiyarov Zh. (2011-2013).

2013-2014 academic year, the merging of two departments "Water Resources and Water Use" and "Cadastre, Land Management and Agricultural Technology" created a new department "Water Resources, Land Management and Agricultural Technology". In the period 2013-2016years, the department was headed by Candidate of technical science, Associate Professor Kenzhibaeva G. S., and in 2016-2017 the post of the head of the department was occupied by Candidate of Technical Sciences, associate professor Baymakhanov K. Currently, the department is headed by Candidate of Technical Sciences, associate professor Sultanbekova P. S.

       The department trains specialists in the credit system of education, prepares bachelors in the following specialties: 5В080500-Water resources and water use, 5В080600 - Agrarian engineering and technology, 5В090300 - Land management, 5В090700-Cadastre.

Teaching and educational and scientific work at the department is carried out by 24 teachers: 1 Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor; 6 Ph.D., associate professors, 4 senior teachers; 6 masters, 3 teachers and 4 teaching and support staff.

The department conducts scientific research on topics related to the study of the problem of raising the level of mechanization of crop production, livestock, irrigated lands in the southern region of the Republics of Kazakhstan; the study of the map of contaminated land, taking into account the irrigated land under sowing, the construction of cadastral assessment of the sowing plot; integrated water resources research to solve the problems of water supply, irrigation and flooding of pastures, the development of schemes for the integrated use and protection of water resources, the rationale for basin schemes, as well as the assessment and forecast of hydropower development in linking the solution of water supply problems in the economic sectors,

The department carries out research work on the current areas, funded by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan and other government bodies, international foundations and organizations:

- Production of a universal multi-purpose implements in four (SMSE-4/1) for farmers, project manager-candidate of technical sciences, associate professor Manabaev N.T., financing volume 3 million tenge.

- Organization of a small-scale production of a dump tractor trailer for 2PTA-10-45 modules for the transportation of raw cotton, the project manager is Kalymbetov B., the amount of financing is 240 million tenge.

- Intensification of vegetable production through the implementation of agrotechnical measures to obtain a 3-time crop and the development of a complex of agricultural machines and units for this purpose in the conditions of the South Kazakhstan project manager - Kalymbetov B., the amount of financing is 147 million tenge.

     The department with 10 years of experience prepares highly qualified specialists, has a high rating. The modern technology of teaching technology in the educational process has been introduced.

The department prepared more than 20 textbooks and manuals, over 30 methodological instructions for the implementation of laboratory and practical classes, received innovative and pre-patents for 3 inventions, published more than 150 scientific articles.

        In order to prepare competitive water and agricultural specialists on the basis of the integration of educational, scientific and innovative activities, as well as the rapid introduction of new educational and scientific-innovative technologies and effective management methods, the department maintains close links with the research organization of student practice organization (geodetic, educational hydrological, industrial and pre-diploma) and attracting highly qualified specialists to the educational process tva.

            Practice bases have been established: Agro-industrial complex “Kaynar Bulak”, “Kazvodhoz”, the Branch of “Kazvodhoz” “Ontustyk Auz Su” of the Committee for Water Resources of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan, "Kazvodkhoz"’s branch "Su Metrology", LLP "Water Resources and Marketing", South Kazakhstan Reclamation Expedition, "Project-A" LLP, "Grado" LLP, "Samart 3T" LLP, Land Cadastre and Property Inspection Department-Branch of the "State Corporation" “Government for citizens” in South-Kazakhstan region, cooperative «Sairam, Yasavi”, “Mart” LLP, “Fitosanitaria” JSC, “Turmys” LLP, “Kaz-Beltekhnika” LLP and others.

In terms of International Cooperation, the Department maintains close ties with the related departments of the Moscow University of Environmental Engineering, the Kyrgyz Agrarian Academy and the Tashkent Institute of Irrigation and Agricultural Mechanization.


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